Dead Man's Ranch

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[img src=]30
[img src=]60
[img src=]50
[img src=]40
[img src=]30
[img src=]60
[img src=]800Silver Eagle Distributing / Corona Dove Hunt Winners
[img src=]660Guys weekend / Dove Hunt
[img src=]660Silver Eagle Distributing / Corona Dove Hunt Winners
[img src=]540Silver Eagle Distributing / Corona Dove Hunt Winners
[img src=]510Guys Weekend / Dove Hunt
[img src=]1050Family & Friends Dove Hunt
[img src=]840Family & Friends Dove Hunt
[img src=]960Turkeys!
[img src=]960Silver Eagle Distributing Dove Hunt Winners
[img src=]650
[img src=]750Family Turkey Hunt
[img src=]740
[img src=]720
[img src=]1800Father/Son Quail Hunting
[img src=]1800
[img src=]1320Getting ready for the hunt
[img src=]1160Hunting Dog
[img src=]1000Scouting for Quail
[img src=]1000Full action shot
[img src=]1150We had a great time!
[img src=]980Quail Hunters in the field
[img src=]990Gatting ready for the hunt
[img src=]1080Pen raised quail
[img src=]910Turkeys
[img src=]940A great day of quail hunting!
[img src=]800Scouting for quail
[img src=]800Good day of hunting!
[img src=]710Pen raised quail
[img src=]690Scouting for quail
[img src=]600Pen raised quail
[img src=]640Quail Hunters and dog walking the fenceline
[img src=]620After the shot!
[img src=]580Quail hunters and dog in the field
[img src=]600Scouting for Quail
[img src=]550Full action shot
[img src=]500Quail Hunters
[img src=]530Turkey
[img src=]480Full action shot
[img src=]470Quail Hunters out in the field
[img src=]460Looking for quail
[img src=]520Youth Quail Hunters
[img src=]450Quail Hunters out in the field
[img src=]440Full action shot!
[img src=]420Quail Hunters out in the field
[img src=]430Hunting dog
[img src=]500Pen raised quail
[img src=]460Quail Hunters out in the field
[img src=]470Looking for quail
[img src=]420Quail hunters
[img src=]370Quail Hunters in the field
[img src=]420Scouting for quail
[img src=]390Quail Hunters in the field
[img src=]440Ready to take a shot!
[img src=]430Looking for birds!
[img src=]410Quail
[img src=]380Quail hunters and dog
[img src=]390Looking for quail!
[img src=]380Quail Hunter and dogs
[img src=]360Dog looking for quail
[img src=]380Quail
[img src=]330Turkeys
[img src=]380Ducks flying over the ranch
[img src=]350Good Boy!
[img src=]360Dove sitting on a bush
[img src=]400Full action shot
[img src=]370Hunting Dog
[img src=]400Heading to the field!
[img src=]400Turkey
[img src=]400Quail Hunter and Dog
[img src=]370Quail Hunter and Dog
[img src=]340Turkey
[img src=]430Hunters recieving instructions
[img src=]400Concentration!
[img src=]460Father/Son Hunt
[img src=]430Hunting Dogs
[img src=]440Quail huners in the field
[img src=]460Turkey
[img src=]490Great harvest!

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