Dead Man's Ranch

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[img src=]4810Front Gate on Texas Highway 163
[img src=]3000Front Gate on Texas Highway 163
[img src=]2670Flags
[img src=]2410View of the compound
[img src=]2270Ranch Manager's House and Owner's Retreat
[img src=]2550
[img src=]2260Entrance to the Lodge
[img src=]2130Fire pit
[img src=]2230Fire pit
[img src=]2250Front yard of Ranch Manager's House
[img src=]1880Back side of the lodge
[img src=]1690Back side of Lodge
[img src=]1570Behind Ranch House
[img src=]1400Brrr! Icicles!
[img src=]1570Breeder Deer
[img src=]1520Breeding Pens
[img src=]1490Breeding Pens
[img src=]1420Corn Feeder
[img src=]1440Creek
[img src=]1350Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1310Deer Stand #4
[img src=]1290Picturesque view of ranch land
[img src=]1320Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1500Fenceline
[img src=]1300Deer Stand #10
[img src=]1250Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1260Picturesque view of the land covered in snow
[img src=]1250Deer Stand #5 and Corn Feeder
[img src=]1220Ranch Land photo where the trees are trimmed
[img src=]1160Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1160Deer Stand #7
[img src=]1170Picturesque view of ranch land
[img src=]1180Large Pond
[img src=]1160Picturesque view of ranch land
[img src=]1210Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1150Picturesque view of ranch land
[img src=]1150Quail Feeder
[img src=]1140Pond
[img src=]1120Picturesque view of ranch land
[img src=]1150Snow covered ravine
[img src=]1120Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1250Pond
[img src=]1180Deer Stand #8
[img src=]1100Pond
[img src=]1090Picturesque view of the land covered in snow
[img src=]1120Deer on the ranch
[img src=]1060Snow covered Soto Plant
[img src=]1070Picturesque View of Ranch Land
[img src=]1060Turkey Feeder and Quail Feeder
[img src=]1030Picturesque View of Ranch Land
[img src=]1080Ranch Land
[img src=]1070Picturesque View of Ranch land
[img src=]1110Turkey flying on the ranch
[img src=]1030Picturesque view of the land covered in snow
[img src=]1130Quail Pen
[img src=]1080Picturesque view of the land covered in snow
[img src=]1120Turkey flying on the ranch
[img src=]1100Picturesque view of the land covered in snow
[img src=]1140Ranch Land
[img src=]1230Turkey flying on the ranch

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