Dead Man's Ranch

Team Fundraiser Opportunities

“Easily earn $6,000 for your team/ organization by selling tickets for a lifetime experience hunt in West Texas at Dead Man’s Pass Ranch.”

The winner of the raffle will get:

Either a parent/child whitetail weekend hunt or a four man quail hunt. The type of the hunt will be chosen by the team/organization before the raffle begins. For the whitetail hunt, hunters should arrive between 1:00 and 1:45 pm on Thursday, and depart Sunday at noon. The quail hunt is on Friday between 1:00 and 1:45 pm and depart Sunday at noon.

  • All meals, snacks, and drinks (non alcoholic) included.
  • Guided hunts with dogs included with quail hunt
  • Game cleaned, field dressed, quartered, and packed in ice.
  • Unforgettable experience, excellent facilities included!!

We suggest that raffle tickets should be sold by teams/organizations for: 500 tickets at $20 a chance* -or- 400 tickets at $25 a chance*

This yields your team/ organization $10,000. From the proceeds, Dead Man’s Pass Ranch, LLC gets paid $4,000 for the hunt, and the team/ organization receives the remaining balance of $6,000.
The team must give Dead Man’s Pass Ranch, LLC a $300 deposit before the raffle starts. When the deposit is received you will be given 30 brochures and the choice of 400 tickets at $25 or 500 tickets at $20.

The deposit will be applied to the $4,000. Within 90 days of signing the raffle agreement, payment for the hunt is due and payable, the date of the weekend hunt must be set, the person in charge of the raffle must sign the fundraising agreement and all hunters and guests must sign the release of liability waivers.

** Remember that the purchase of the raffle tickets are not tax deductible

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