Dead Man's Ranch

1 of the bedrooms in the Lodge
1 of the bedrooms in the Lodge
Walk-in Cooler & Meat Prep Room
Darts & Electronic Basketball
Skinning Rack with Hydraulic Wench
Historical Marker

Dead Man’s Pass Ranch is in south central Val Verde County, Texas. The Pass consists of a massive limestone base that underlies flat to rolling terrain, forming a deep and winding canyon. The soils in this area are generally dark, calcareous stony clays and clay loams that support oak, juniper, grasses and mesquite.A perfect terrain for hunting whitetail, wild turkey and more. To further improve the habitat, the staff of Dead Man’s Pass Ranch has undertaken a project of constantly grooming the terrain, such as trimming and clearing the underbrush of the Cedar trees to provide shade for the game.Dead Man’s Pass Ranch includes over 2,200 acres of high fenced prime managed country. It consists of 5 runs of hills and is 3 miles x 2.5 miles, with a differential in elevation of roughly 400 feet.

The lodge sleeps up to 10 comfortably. It has two bathrooms, one with a Jacuzzi tub, full kitchen and a large great room. To enjoy some of the milder evenings, you can grill outside and eat in our screened-in eating area.

The lodge is equipped with satellite TV, with almost all the movie channels.  Internet access is available, so you can e-mail your trophy pictures to your envious friends before you leave.

If you enjoy sunsets, the US Business Report, confirms that Del Rio is the best place in Texas to experience the grandeur of a Texas sunrise or sunset. Not to mention the brightest star gazing.



For the hunt, we have 10 3-man hunting blinds. Each blind has two padded chairs to ensure a comfortable hunt. For your security, our property is completely surrounded by an 8 1/2 foot game fence.

To guarantee a great trophy, we have 16 breeding pens, all with water troughs, shaded areas and feeders.

Our facilities are fully equipped to process your trophy. We have a skinning rack with hydraulic wench, fully lighted for late night returns and warmed by a pot belly stove. We also have a large walk-in cooler and meat prep room.

View of Devil’s River
2 Full Baths
Full Kitchen
1 of 7 Protein Feeders
45,000 Gallon Swimming Hole
1 of 7 Dirt Tanks
Hunting Blind in Ravine

Our recreational and entertainment facilities include: pool, darts, horse shoes, ladder toss, 1/2 court basketball, and electronic basketball. Amenities also consist of Satellite TV with the most movie channels and wireless internet connectivity.

For those hot days we have a 45,000 gallon swimming hole, fully equipped with pool equipment and filters. For those cool, brisk nights, you can gather around the fire pit, where the hunters and liars gather to tell stories and warm themselves.

For another exciting excursion, be sure to utilize our newly added chuck wagon for an enjoyable picnic while sitting atop one of our lookout points.  The views that overlook the entire ranch are spectacular!

We also provide some of the most beautiful sunsets and brightest stars in Texas!

There are two legends behind the naming of the pass. We are uncertain as to which is the actual legend.

First, there is the legend of the creek, Dead Man’s Creek. The creek was named for a traveling peddler who was robbed and killed by outlaws in a pass on the stream in the 1880s. Reportedly, the outlaws openly sold the stolen cloth and kitchenware to workers building the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway.

The other is the legend of Dead Man’s Canyon. The canyon was named for several skeletons, the remains of apparent victims of Indian attacks that were found there by early settlers about 1870.  Either way, this pass has become a part of Texas history and is in the process of becoming a historical site.

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In October, 2007, Dead Man’s Pass Ranch made history, when it became a Historical Landmark – CLICK HERE
In January 2007, The Ranch was featured in SW Texas Live! Magazine –  CLICK HERE

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