Dead Man's Ranch

Texas Hunting Ranch

If you are searching for the opportunity to take a quality trophy, then search no more. Dead Man's Pass Ranch is over 2,200 acres of high fenced professionally managed prime deer country. As hunters ourselves, we understand a hunters needs and wants.

We believe with our professional staff and high quality genetics, we will provide you with one of the finest hunts in Texas. Located in Val Verde County near Comstock, Texas. 28 miles from Del Rio International airport, transportation provided.


[img src=]13k0Lodge
[img src=]11.4k0Nice Buck
[img src=]10.5k0Bunk Room / Southwest w/ tile
[img src=]99780Trophy buck
[img src=]96060Stand 4 / snow
[img src=]92530Lodge great room / dining table
[img src=]91070Nice Varmints!
[img src=]88460Master bedroom #1 w/tile
[img src=]87530Hunter with trophy buck
[img src=]85340Hunter with trophy buck
[img src=]83730Pool Room
[img src=]81730Oak Trees
[img src=]80550Dad and Son w/trophy buck
[img src=]79230Lodge screened in porch
[img src=]78150Land photo / snow
[img src=]78150Hunter trophy buck
[img src=]76960Master Bedroom #1 w/ tile
[img src=]76480Girl hunting
[img src=]75820water tank
[img src=]74800Bunk Rooms / Texas w/tile
[img src=]75010Team Extreme w/bucks
[img src=]74480Fenceline w/Texas Sage & Flag pole
[img src=]74200Hunter w/ trophy buck
[img src=]73980Hunter w/ trophy buck
[img src=]73480Sunset


For more information: 713-851-4979 or 281-467-4040

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